Best Places for Camping in Reims

We show you the best campsites in Reims
Last updated: 07 May, 2012

The countryside of Reims is truly gorgeous, especially in spring and summer. There are a number of places where families can camp in peace and comfort. Some have chalets, others have sites for tents and some let you bring your campervan or motorhome. But before you decide where to go camping in Reims, it’s a good idea to first understand the lay of the land.

Reims sprung up over a thousand years ago on the banks of the Vesle River, where the Marne-Aisne Canal flows through today. Several centuries ago the first commercial vines began to sprout. These days, vineyards cover most of the peaceful valleys that surround it. These natural attributes make Reims a perfect place for a leisurely, fun-filled camping holiday.


Épernay is in a valley on the left bank of the River Marne, and the settlement has a history that goes back 1,500 years. It is also a commercial centre for the champagne industry, where bottled wines are stored in natural chalk caves beneath the town, attracting thousands of curious visitors. On July 6th 2012, the Tour de France departed from here. 

You can camp right in the heart of a champagne valley while staying near the shops at Camping Municipal d'Epernay. There are over a hundred sites for motorhomes and tents, all in a pleasant grassy setting. The usual facilities are present, plus local attractions including vineyard visits and chilling out in restaurants with beautiful facades. Things can get a little busier during the harvest season, so you should consider booking your favourite spot a little earlier then.

Chaussée Bocquaine

A small campsite named Aire De Stationnent, has just nine spaces for campervans in a Reims suburb named Chaussée Bocquaine. It’s nearby Saint-Exupéry railway station where you can catch a train to Paris, and La Comedie Theatre where you can see 20th Century drama and fine arts. You can walk to Reims city centre in fifteen minutes, or cycle there as you prefer.

This niche camping spot has running water and facilities for waste disposal (chemical loos, waste water and garbage). What’s especially nice is that there’s separated access control, thanks to a barrier gate that opens with a code. The reviews we read were positive, with most recommending it as a spot for camping in Reims. Plus, there’s a lot to interest children in the nearby town.


There is a delightfully charming camping spot just outside Reims on the N44 - look out for the grain silo at the turn-off. There are fifty pitches ideal for campervans, caravans and tents. It’s located near a small river just a short stroll away. What’s more, you’ll find bowling alleys and fresh bread on site. Generally speaking, it’s a peaceful place ideal for families.

Reviews we read were generally impressive. Shared facilities scored close to 9/10 with entertainment not far behind. Things become a tad busier in the high summer season. But then that’s what camping holidays are all about – opportunities to make new friends.

Pre-Erected Tents

There are several great campsites with pre-erected tents in and around Reims, all receiving excellent reviews. That’s possibly because the tourist numbers are lower than in Paris, Nice or Cannes, providing opportunities for a peaceful night’s rest under canvas.

Your Choice for Camping in Reims

People generally find what they are looking for in Reims. This can be a simple campsite to pitch a cyclist’s tent, an overnight site for campervans or a large resort with more extensive facilities. The city does not have vast camping sites as in Paris or in Marseilles. But to many that is a huge advantage when it comes to peaceful holidays and provides further reasons to explore the immediate area.

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